University of the Arts London – Library Services Achieve Customer Service Excellence

Why did you wish to achieve the Customer Service Excellence Standard

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is UAL’s preferred framework for monitoring and ensuring quality. It acts as a vehicle for us to realise our commitment to continuous improvement. It’s comprehensive standard and having held it since 2016 we have become used to working in its structure and have a fantastic productive relationship our assessor. Each year we follow our processes and gather our evidence for submission with the department gearing up like a smoothly oiled machine.

The Approach to achieving the Standard

We have a network of volunteers across the department who act as champions. Led by the senior management team they decide on a theme each year and work through the self assessment tool to identify key pieces of evidence to be included in our submission.

The Impact / Benefits of working with the Customer Service Excellence Standard

The standard is rigorous about closing the loop, evaluation and feedback being central. This has helped us to build our practices and ensure that our students genuinely do get a great service. The emphasis on service standards and performance indicators has helped us to grapple with our data collection and to work towards real meaningful impact assessment and analytics.

The Assessment Feedback

The feedback from the assessor forms the starting point of our next submission. We use the year to consider and implement changes or new initiatives that will help us to address areas for improvement.

Why did you choose Assessment Services as your assessment body?

 Assessment services came high recommended and has proved easy to work with. Our assessor is fantastic and their online self assessment tool has made submission easy.

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