Why did Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council want to achieve the One Planet Standard?

Why did you wish to achieve the One Planet Standard?

Achieving the One Planet Standard (OPS) is one of our Decarbonisation Plan goals. We
recognised that this standard would provide a strong Framework for our organisation to work towards and also have the benefit of enabling the Council to demonstrate this
external benchmarked achievement.

What was your approach to assessment?

To prepare for the assessment we used the Self Assessment Tool, which enabled us to provide written evidence to support each part of the assessment. Following on from this, key members of staff across the organisation were engaged in interviews to demonstrate their involvement and role in tackling climate change.

What have you experienced as the impact/benefit of the OPS Standard?

The overall benefit has led to a much deeper level of engagement throughout the organisation on climate change. By this we mean that tackling climate change is reaching all areas of Council delivery and staff throughout the authority.

How did the assessment feedback support you?

It was important for us to receive feedback so that we can understand what we are already
doing well, and where we need to improve for the future. The Areas for Continuous Improvement will be integrated into the forward planning process.

Would you recommend Assessment Services Ltd as an assessment body?

Yes, this has been a great experience, their knowledge and experience has been
supportive and informative.

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