Families First Quality Award

The Families First Quality Award is an established national quality assurance and improvement framework designed to help organisations demonstrate excellence in helping families. The Families First Quality Awards are a set of standards that recognise and support the development of high quality information, advice and assistance provided to families by Families Information Services, Childrens’ Centres and Schools – there are also separate standards that can extend the scope of the services reviewed to include information on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).  
The Standards were developed and produced by the Family and Childcare Trust and Suffolk County Council.
In June 2018 Assessment Services Ltd was appointed as the sole assessment body for the Standards, working closely with the Family and Childcare Trust and the experienced Award assessors.
For further information about the Awards please contact:
020 3880 5059

FFQA Standards Documents

Family Information Services Documents

Schools Documents

FFQA for Family Information Services in England
FFQA for Family Information Services in Wales
FFQA for Schools in England
FFQA for Schools in Wales

Our Information Documents including IAQF

Case Studies

Costing Framework



Fee (exc. VAT)

(a) Families First Quality Award (stand alone) Standard Fees:

Children's Centres/Schools


(b) Families First Quality Award including SEND Standards

Family Information Services


(c) Families First Quality Award SEND Standards



(d) Cost applied if choosing to do the Standard and SEND Standard at the same time:

Schools and SEND

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