About Assessment Services Ltd

Assessment Services Ltd is a ‘boutique’ assessment centre – an assessment centre that is very clear about it’s target market, and takes time to understand and meet our customer and stakeholder requirements to deliver a bespoke customer experience.  We have a team of employees and Associate Supply Chain Partners (Partners) who act as Assessors and Business Development Consultants on our behalf.  They have a sense of community and belonging and are proud of what they deliver on behalf of our business.  We work in partnership with Government and other agencies to help deliver accreditation services for high-quality, performance-enhancing, national standards such as the Merlin Standard and Customer Service Excellence ®.

We aim to be a ’boutique’ assessment centre that is customer focused through our network of specialist assessors.  We have a track record of working in both the private and public sector with organisations of various sizes.  We have led the way in the industry is using state of the art technology to make assessments customer friendly and valuable to all of our customers.

We are committed to providing a consistent, high-quality service – one which is flexible, innovative and responsive to our customers’ needs.  We have grown consistently over the last 20 years, generating sufficient surpluses to invest in development projects to further support our clients.

All our Assessors have an occupational background relevant to the Standards they assess – this qualification gives them (and our customers) confirmation that their assessment skills are meeting the standards set within this Ofqual regulated qualification.

Assessment Services is the only assessment centre in the UK who’s Assessors have this qualification.

About SFEDI Awards

SFEDI Awards was founded in 2007 creating the first dedicated Awarding Organisation specialising in business enterprise and business support, a standing still enjoyed to this day within the UK.

Their qualifications are built on the extensive research that underpins the SFEDI® National Occupational Standards and the expertise of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, the UK’s only professional Institute dedicated to enterprise.


Our Strategic Ambitions

We will:

  • Work with our Stakeholders to assist them in the achievement of their strategic aims.
  • Provide a boutique assessment service that cares, is professional and gives value for money.
  • Understand and care about our Stakeholders broader aims and objectives and how the Standard contributes to achieving these aims.
  • Constantly seek better ways to deliver our service using whatever means is practical.
  • Embrace technology as a means to achieve a positive outcome without removing the human touch.
  • Actively seek opportunities to develop markets where we find them both nationally and internationally.

Our Policies


Our role at Assessment Services Limited, along with our Assessors, is to guard the integrity of the Standards we are commissioned to assess. We provide an assessment service to establish if customers applying to be recognised as having achieved the Standard, meet the Standard and in doing so maintain the integrity of the Standard.

Any attempt to mislead, coheres, bully, intimidate or in any way affect our assessors from doing their job will result in an assessment being suspended and the organisation being de-accredited. Assessment Services Limited reserves the right to prosecute any person or persons involved in any form of threatening behaviour of any kind towards any of their staff or Assessors.

Downloadable Policies

Privacy and Cookies, Confidentiality and Data Protection Policies are followed and adhered to, by Assessment Services Ltd.

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