Is the feedback from your assessment effective at driving your continuous improvement?

With 9.82/10 of our customers satisfied with the Assessor’s verbal feedback and report... WE THINK OURS DOES!!

Through our less intrusive approach Assessment Services provide you with constructive and independent feedback through;

  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback from the staff, partners & customers
  • Documentation Review
  • Onsite customer interviews
  • Our Assessor will collate all this information to provide an independent verbal & written feedback and highlights areas of great customer service and areas for improvement
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“The responsiveness of our Assessor and the continued dialogue (regular phone calls) throughout the process. Really thorough, challenging, but enjoyable on-site assessment, where all staff felt part of the process”Goldsmiths, University of London – Student Experience Directorate

Quote from Goldsmith’s, University of London;

“In effect our assessment allowed and enabled us to achieve far more than we had originally set out to do, by guiding us through CSE it has really paid dividends in respect of the culture change that we have been able to achieve at Goldsmiths in such a short space of time”

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