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How Do We Approach Customer Service In A Post Pandemic World?

Customer Service Focus Group

Research shows that, following a recession or economic downturn, the companies that are customer focused in their approach, come out of the downturn, faster than those who are not. As we come out of this Pandemic, the world is facing further challenges politically, economically, and socially.

We are conducting some research into how organisations are approaching or structuring their business for the future? Over 2022 we will be conducting surveys, carrying out focus groups and researching what impact the recent world events have had on how organisations are planning for the future, in terms of customer focus.

Please join us for a discussion on this and share your thoughts and insights. All those that participate in the research will get a copy of the final report when it is completed.

Who are Assessment Services?

We are an assessment centre that is licensed to provide assessments against various recognised Standards, including Customer Service Excellence, Customer Service Excellence International, The One Planet Standard, The Merlin Standard, and other business and professional standards.

Typically, our customers are using the Standards to help them continuously improve the performance of their organisation. Assessment Services is the most advanced assessment centre in terms of the quality of the service it delivers and the use of technology to make the assessment process as user-friendly as possible.

Out motto is: 

We Care, We Assess, We Add Value


Lorna Bainbridge LEAD ASSESSOR

Lorna Bainbridge


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