University of Huddersfield – Legal Office

Why did you wish to achieve the Customer Service Excellence Standard?

We wanted to achieve CSE as it formed part of the customer service enhancement strategy of the Legal Office and we felt by achieving this standard it would act provide our clients with reassurance of the high standard of care they could expect to receive from the Legal Office.

The Approach to achieving the Standard

As a small team, it was important for us that we prepare for CSE in a way which didn’t impact upon our service offering. To this end, before deciding to apply we used conducted a high-level self-assessment against the standard to identify our strategy and used this as a framework alongside the app to prepare our full assessment pack.

The Impact / Benefits of working with the Customer Service Excellence Standard

The benefits of working towards CSE have been threefold: firstly, it has enabled us to identify and consolidate good working practice and boosted our confidence that we are an efficient, effective service offering targeted support to our customers; secondly, the anonymous feedback allowed us to collect feedback in a more candid and structured way than ever before which lead to the third benefit; that now we can use the information we have learnt from CSE to develop a clearer strategy for our service going forwards.

The Assessment Feedback

We recently received our feedback and are currently working through it to identify key themes and ideas on how our service can be improved and changed and these will form the basis of our proposals for upgrading our service over the next 12 months.

Why did you choose Assessment Services as your assessment body?

We chose Assessment Services because they offered a cost-effective plan and also provided an online App to support the application process, which we were keen to use to ensure our preparation was as effective as possible.

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