The Customer Service Excellence Standard

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a nationally recognised standard designed to drive customer-focused change, the standard aims to make a tangible difference to service users by encouraging provider organisations to focus on their individual needs and preferences.

The standard is aimed at all organisations, providing them with the tools to drive truly customer-focused services. However no restrictions have been imposed on eligibility and the standard can therefore be readily applied in the public, commercial or third sectors where business need to consistently review their approach and ensure it is truly focused around their customers.


Customer Service Excellence® Standard can deliver real benefits to your organisation whether you operate in the public or private sector. Top organisations in the UK embrace customer service excellence, are nationally recognised for benchmarking, improved staff satisfaction, reduced number of complaints.

  • Derived from Best Practice and research
  • Provides structure and discipline
  • Creates milestones
  • Validates excellence
  • Rewards excellence
  • Embeds and drives continuous improvement
  • Provides insight into your own organisation (how customer-focused are you)
  • Gives improved understanding of customer issues (by developing customer insight)
  • Improves relationship with and satisfaction of customers
  • Provides a skills development tool building real team spirit and morale
  • Independent validation of achievement in customer service.
Value for Money (YTD)
Customer Satisfaction (YTD)
Retention (YTD)
Assessor Average Satisfaction (YTD)

At Assessment Services we take a different approach to other assessment bodies. We are committed to ensuring that our assessments add value to our customers and our philosophy is…

‘We Care, We Assess, We Add Value’.

We work with you to help you understand what is needed to achieve excellent customer service. We care enough to challenge our customers at each stage to ensure the maximum benefit of the assessment. We have worked tirelessly to make the process as efficient as possible, creating less impact on you while maintaining very high standards.


Here are a few key points that we are proud of;

  • Our assessments are cost-effective
  • Our processes are customer friendly
  • We utilise modern technologies, i.e Cloud Computing systems, and A.I.
  • We have over 3 decades of experience in assessing companies and organisations in all three sectors
  • We are the only assessment body in the UK to have Assessors that are SFEDI level 5 qualified in assessing organisational standards
  • Unique assessment processes to support the evidence gathering process Techniques are used to provide a wider scope of feedback to ensure rigour but is less intrusive
  • Our customers can track their 3-year assessment journey by uploading and scoring their evidence on our unique online assessment tool. Giving them access to their Assessor feedback that is open, transparent and challenging
  • We love to celebrate customer success

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