CXK Limited

Standard Met Date

September 14, 2022

Primary Contact

Craig Garton

Lead Assessor

Susan Smith

CXK is an organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of young people and adults across the South; providing support, advice and guidance to help them find work, or move into learning or training, and in doing so improving their life chances.

In the past year alone, we’ve supported tens of thousands of adults and young people to build employment skills and confidence. In doing so, we help them to take their next steps in life.  High quality support and engagement lies at the heart of our CXK mission to inspire people to thrive. Our three key pillars of work – Information Advice and Guidance; Targeted Support; and Training and Development – enable us to design programmes of engagement that focus on the real needs of beneficiaries, tackling their challenges and addressing new approaches and strategies to assist them in maximising their potential.

Our aim is simple: to create better outcomes for more people and ensure that our beneficiaries are supported and empowered to be the best they can be. Now and in the future.

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