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Why did you wish to achieve the Customer Service Excellence Standard?

Our company values are 100% Safe, Right First Time, Complete On-Time, Develop Our People and Community Focus. As an award-winning company for H&S and Social Value, we also wanted to showcase our customer service standards in line with Right First Time and Complete On-Time and benchmark ourselves against the gold standard in this area. The Customer Service Excellence Standard was the perfect framework to achieve this.

The Approach to achieving the Standard

The initial project team consisted of Simon JONES Director of People and Safety and Paula LAW Business Support Manager who worked with their assessor Susan SMITH to complete and submit relevant evidence via the self-assessment tool. The team completed the assessment one element at a time and worked towards an agreed deadline to complete the final interviews with key people, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors. Paula arranged a complete itinerary for the day and successfully managed all of the IT required for virtual meetings!

The Impact / Benefits of working with the Customer Service Excellence Standard

We fully recognise the value that gaining high profile awards and accreditations like the Customer Service Excellence Standard bring. For our customers, it provides assurance of our commitment to delivering a first-class service and product. For our people and supply chain, it sets out the standards that we expect.

The Assessment Feedback

The feedback we received from our assessment was fantastic. To achieve a rating of Compliance Plus in four areas on our first submission was very rewarding and provided us with a great sense of achievement. We are committed to continual improvement and have taken any developmental points on board and will look at ways in which we can further enhance our offering based upon this feedback.

Why did you choose Assessment Services as your assessment body?

Paula had experience of working with Assessment Services and the Customer Service Excellence Standard in a previous role and made the recommendation when we were initially looking at an accreditation to showcase our Right First Time and Complete On Time values. 

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