Third Sector Consortia Management LLP

Standard Met Date

November 18, 2020

Primary Contact

Denise Blackwell

Lead Assessor

Lorna Bainbridge

3SC is a social enterprise that has proven success and expertise in building and managing supply chains of SMEs, primarily third sector organisations, across the UK to deliver quality public services. In November 2020, 3SC was assessed for the first time against the supply chain management standard, Merlin. The assessment outcome was ‘Excellent’ recognising the sustainable excellence of our structured approach to supply chain management and positive partnership working with our delivery partners.

3SC’s vision is of SMEs, particularly third sector organisations delivering an increasing share of public services and a greater amount of social impact. To realise the achievement of our vision, 3SC manages and wins contracts on behalf of SMEs, primarily voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations using a mutually beneficial collaborative and partnership-based business model. All have a vital role to play in the delivery of public services which can be a difficult and competitive marketplace, dominated by large commercial organisations. The size and complexity of the tendering process and increasingly demanding contracts can make it difficult for SMEs, particularly third sector organisations, to compete on their own. 3SC gives these organisations a chance to compete for, and ultimately deliver, such contracts.

The principal activity of 3SC is public service delivery but we also offer other services including a membership programme, all of which have a clear social impact.

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