Ingeus UK Limited

Standard Met Date

July 15, 2020

Primary Contact

Brian Sullivan

Lead Assessor

Susan Smith

Our vision is a strong society in which citizens have the independence, knowledge and know-how to thrive.

Ingeus works with thousands of citizens across the UK every day.

Ingeus evolved from an Australian start-up to become a global provider of services that assist thousands of citizens every day.

The original insight that created Ingeus in Australia – that people with barriers to work should be supported to thrive rather than left alone to just survive – was one that quickly found success in the UK.

The original belief, that work is good for people, is now a mainstream view in public policy. Over the past 15 years, Ingeus has built on this basic principle and created new, better ways to support people with barriers in their lives.

In the UK, Ingeus took its knowledge, skills and vision and applied it to other areas of people’s lives so that we now deliver services in health, employment, youth services and justice.

Since 2002, Ingeus has expanded into countries across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. Find out more about the Ingeus Group of Companies.

In 2019, Ingeus became part of the international human services provider, APM Group. APM Group’s UK business (APM UK) now operates as part of Ingeus in the UK, and together we continue our shared mission to enable better lives. 

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