Capturing the Moment- C&K Careers

Three years ago C&K Careers invested in training me to become a matrix Standard Internal Champion. During our recent Accreditation Review, I was able to work alongside the Assessor in planning the programme and conducting some of the interviews;

“We found that through acquiring a deep understanding and involvement in the Standard, coupled with our all-year round commitment to it, we could bring even more rigour to the whole Assessment journey and so benefit  our company”

Photo of Katren North

Katren North, Head of Business Development, C&K Careers


“Having an Internal champion means that so much of what we do on a daily basis is underpinned by the matrix Standard. We don’t need to worry about getting assessment ready. It is what we naturally always do!”

“It is fabulous for staff to have the strength of their work externally recognised by the matrix Standard assessor  – and any areas for development are regarded as exciting challenges to drive us forward”.

Author; Stuart McRill, Registered matrix Assessor



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